The Ambassador and DCM kicked off the lunch with a
strong reiteration of the importance of international support
in Afghanistan (refs B, C, E). DFA Secretary General David
Cooney responded that Ireland fully supports President
Obama's strategy and will at the least do its best to
continue to contribute at current levels

How did we contribute at current levels can anyone tell me?

7. (C) Whether there is a change in government or not, we
expect IRELAND to continue to cooperate closely on the issues
of most importance to us. This cooperation includes, among
other things, the September 26 arrival in IRELAND of two
Guantanamo detainees, the continued use of SHANNON AIRPORT as
a transit point for U.S. military flights, and the beginning
of full pre-clearance operations at SHANNON and Dublin
AIRPORTs for both commercial and general aviation flights to
the U.S.
Now this is what I dont understand, on Shannon watch they say

The US military use of Shannon has never been accepted or approved by the Irish people. It is an affront to the promotion of peace and human rights. Yet the present Irish government seems willing to let them continue using the airport, regardless of the lives lost and laws broken as a result.