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Thread: Proposed Constituency Changes in the North

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    Default Proposed Constituency Changes in the North

    In line with the British Government's plan to reduce the number of Westminster MPs by around 50, the north is set to lose 2 constituencies which will apply for Stormont elections also.

    The major changes will impact greatest in Belfast and in rural Derry/Tyrone.

    West Tyrone, Mid-Ulster (both currently SF) will disappear along with Gregory Campbell's (DUP) East Derry and be replaced by Mid Tyrone and Glenshane.

    Glenshane, despite the diplomatic name will be almost exactly County Derry with its 2 largest urban areas of Derry City and Coleraine/Portstewart removed.

    Very hard to see how there could be any other result than a Sinn Féin victory in both. In fact, any tiny doubt that a split Nationalist vote could allow a Unionist in should be enough to finish off the SDLP in Glenshane entirely.

    That result would leave no Unionist MPs west of the Bann.

    Belfast's 4 constituencies will become 3 with Alasdair McDonnell of the SDLP the certain casualty as his South Belfast seat is to be divided largely between East and West.

    The Shankill area will leave the new South West area to ensure both a huge majority for SF there and a safer Unionist seat in North Belfast.

    Alliance may stand a better chance of holding onto their one MP as much of the old SB area where they are strong is moved into Naomi Long's constituency to form South East.

    Few oddities by the looks of it as large towns like Ballymena and Coleraine lose their sattelite villages and council areas divided across the board. Mid Tyrone may have 5 partial council areas for example.

    Proposed map can be found here;

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    Default Re: Proposed Constituency Changes in the North

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