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Thread: Candidate Profile number 7: Richard McSweeney

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    Default Candidate Profile number 7: Richard McSweeney

    The man many posters consider to be Politicalworld's candidate for the Presidency given his association with the site, Richard McSweeney is running for the Aras as an independent. Richard is hoping to campaigning under the slogan 'A Wise President for the World- a Dream President for Ireland', and hopes to bring a more spiritual and reflective ethos to the State's highest office .
    Having lived for 13 years in the Far East, and 6 in the Middle East respectively he maintains a strong interest in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and in Confucianism, and philosophical Taoism. Richard stands out from the other candidates with his unique philosophy, and brings a distinctive Irish and International mix to the race for the Aras.

    There is more information available about Richard on the links below, and of course on his long-running thread here, which is also linked.!/RichMcSweeney
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    Нооруз пиээ пурылыа выиттыа

    'Our goal is to conquer state power for the Irish working class'
    Pat Rabitte, 1987

    "Can I ask whether this is what the men of 1916 died for: a bailout from the German chancellor with a few shillings of sympathy from the British chancellor on the side?"
    Michael Noonan, November 2010

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    Default Re: Candidate Profile number 7: Richard McSweeney

    Just spotted Richard on the Six o'clock news, making his bid for Galway County Council's nomination (which went to Mary White).

    I will be very interested to read Richard's account of the day when he has time to post it.


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