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Thread: Wikileaks - "How the US Keeps Tabs On Our "Extremists""

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    Default Wikileaks - "How the US Keeps Tabs On Our "Extremists""

    The Irish Independent today says that the US government closely monitors Ireland's "40,000 strong Muslim community is a major priority for US diplomats posted here - with detailed dossiers frequently being compiled and sent to Washington."

    The Indo says that the data on membership of mosques is "extraordinarily detailed"

    "some of the cables contained highly sensitive claims about the country's largest mosque, which is run by the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (ICCI) in Clonskeagh, Dublin.

    The US State Department is said by the Indo to be less than impressed by the extent to which the Irish government monitors the possibility of Islamic extremism.

    The Irish Independent informed the ICCI of the cables but says its questions to them have not as yet been replied to.

    In August 2009, in a cable marked "confidential" US Ambassador Dan Rooney told Sec. of State Hilary Clinton he believed "overall the Muslim community in Ireland is content and "moderate".

    The cable quoted Siraj Zaidi, "an interpreter at the office of the Minister for Integration, who was asked by the US Embassy for his thoughts on the ICCI".

    The question arises of whether S Zaidi informed his bosses in the Irish Government that he was giving information to the US.

    It is unclear if Mr. Zaidi is a freelance or an Irish civil servant. If the former, questions should be asked as to whether his activities on behalf of the US Embassy are in conflict with the terms of his employment by the Irish Government.

    Ambassador James Kenny showed a degree of scepticism about the various reports - saying that the reports contained "some exaggerations and inaccuracies".

    Interestingly, data is also collected on known moderates "who might be sympathetic to American interests".

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    Default Re: Wikileaks - "How the US Keeps Tabs On Our "Extremists""

    It's important to know what the 'savages' are doing.

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    Default Re: Wikileaks - "How the US Keeps Tabs On Our "Extremists""

    Looks like the zionists are getting desperate.
    Think National. Act Local. Oh- and superstition is just the dark matter of human history.


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