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Thread: Larne Council Elections 2011

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    Default Larne Council Elections 2011

    Larne Borough Council comprises of 3 wards

    Coast Road
    Larne Town
    Larne Lough

    Last time out;

    DUP - 5
    UUP - 4
    SDLP - 2
    Alliance - 2
    IND - 2

    Since then, former DUP Mayor Jack McKee has joined the TUV

    IND Michael Lynch has joined Alliance

    According to Council Website, Cllr Brian Dunn is now also and Independent

    Sitting Councillors;

    Coast Road

    Danny O'Connor - SDLP
    Geraldine Mulvenna -ALL
    Winston Fulton - DUP
    Brian Dunn - IND
    Rachel Rea - DUP

    Larne Lough

    Roy Beggs - UUP
    Andrew Wilson - UUP
    Bobby McKee - DUP
    Greg McKeen - DUP
    John Matthews - ALL

    Larne Town

    Jack McKee - TUV
    Mark Dunn - IND
    Martin Wilson - SDLP
    Michael Lynch - IND
    Roy Craig - IND

    If dreams were lightning, thunder was desire, this whole place would have burned down, a long time ago.

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    Default Re: Larne Council Elections 2011

    What's it with the 2 Dunn independents? A family operation like the Healy-Raes in south Kerry? Do they have close business relationships with the borough council, like the aforementioned?
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