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Thread: The Bailout of the Bondholders is for Political not Economic Reasons.

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    Default Re: The Bailout of the Bondholders is for Political not Economic Reasons.

    I swear- if the Greeks go Icelandic I will immediately book a Greek holiday as some small personal way of helping- because I can't think of much more I can practically do- but they can have my holiday business and holiday money at least.
    Think National. Act Local. Oh- and superstition is just the dark matter of human history.

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    Default Re: The Bailout of the Bondholders is for Political not Economic Reasons.

    I went Island hopping to Greek islands (it was a memorable trip) as they were magificant especially in summer months. Glorious sunshine and superb beaches with many deadly ouzo to drown your sorrows.

    Anyway, one night i was drinking heavily on a binge as the bar owner said to me time up with an Ouzo. I agreed to drink to this in one go and rode back in a motorbike. I was so drunk and drove for some miles until i ended up in a ditch at early hours of the morning which badly bruised my knee in big cut.

    A greek police found me slurring uncomprehensively with one knee cut badly bleeding.He said 'in greek which went over me head. I tried to sign with him but no avail.

    I picked a small notepad from his shirt pocket.

    'Me wrote this ' me deaf'

    He wrote:

    'you deaf like Groucho marx & you English'

    Me: 'no, me Irish'

    'Irish, are you but you look vey english to me'

    Me:slurring with a pronounced Irish accent ' me Irish and me hurt bad'

    He wrote ' i bring you to station but no bec you Irish but no ride on motorbike no more agree & return bike to rental shop agree?

    Me: ' slurring agree but what about deposit re bike'.

    Cop: no deposit back, i cover for you re accident and your knee get fixed in hospital with my help'

    Me: ' slur ok danke'

    Cop: where you live'

    Me: Zapithna Bar above which turns out to be his 1st cousin's place.

    Cop: ' dat is my cousin's place as i take you over there'.

    He took me there in cop's car and drop me over.

    He told me next day if i wasn't Irish, he would have taken me straight to jail overnight and fined etc. He left me off the hook justbec i was Irish.

    I loved the greeks bec they were laidback and jolly but they can be bad tempered people if you mess them around. Greek Islands were the highlight for me bec superb sunshine in Mykonos (Gay island which i didn't know at first- one of my other tales), Crete, Paros, Delphi, Ios and Kos.

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