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Thread: What are the TUVs prospects

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    Default What are the TUVs prospects

    For The Westminster Elections they were talked up a good bit but failed to win any seats. Jim Allister flopped against Paisley Junior and others such as Willie Ross didn't fare too well.
    How many Assembly seats are they likely to get?

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    I think Allister will take a seat. I don't think they will take any more, but they may surprise me with the likes of Ross. They did badly at Westminster but had 60,000 votes in the Europeans before that. Throw in the fact it's STV, and they could pick more up.

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    Default Re: What are the TUVs prospects

    Any Unionist anger against the DUP seems to have actually lessened since Westminster.

    If Allister himself runs in North Antrim he would be in with a shout but apart from that they are a motley gather up of malcontents, bigots and racists who are not taken seriously even by the people who used to see these qualities as positives.

    Ironically they are just about capable of splitting Unionist votes enough to assist them in losing a couple of sixth seats.

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    With the attitude of the new Orange Order leader [not recognising the Parades commission] and elections during the hyped up marching season, Allistar has himself a backdrop for his kind of politics.

    With the ongoing annual contentious Rasharkin parade issue in North Antrim, no doubt Allistar will be on hand to whip up hysteria in the hope of gaining votes but i note of late that the DUP via John Finlay are equally capable of that.

    I supposed they have to be or Allistar would simply steal the show.

    Meantime, whoever is elected in that constituency it will be after Nationalist are walked over.
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    Default Re: What are the TUVs prospects

    Allister should pick up a seat but they will be very very lucky to get any more unless their vote picks back up to European election results level.

    Trow - the new Orange Order leader is no different to the last - they havenever recognised or talked directly to the Parades Commission (many have indirectly)


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