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    Default Who the Peoples Alliance are...

    Together, for the goo of the nation
    Were on Facebook too!

    Were a cross party / non party political pressure group.
    We're opposed to cuts in services while big business and banks are bailed out.
    We're opposed to bank bailouts from taxes - full stop.

    We propose a number of alternative solutions to the crisis the pro business ultra capitalist previous and current governements have landed us with.

    Our membership is from all parties, FG/Lab/SF/Green/IndFF
    Some are euroscpetic, some are not, and to varying degrees.
    We are all committed to the Taxpayer Obligations:

    - Free and fair education, up to third level.
    - A full and fully funded health service
    - A decent social welfare system - for if we dont have that rogue employers will force own wages andd living stanards.
    - A job for life where possible, as mortgages are for life. Where the state funs FDI, it must be for a minimum committment to the country of 40-50 years.
    - Fair play funding for small Irish businesses to establish, grow and expand, with a focus on the home market, so we are not export dependant, and thereby more insulated against international economic storms.
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