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We're due something similar early next week. The remnants of your recent bomb cylone or whatever it was.

A notable rise in flue cases here in the North [Ireland] Curious to know if there were similar recordings in recent weeks your side of the pond?
I dont think there's an increase in Flu numbers in the US but have some Dr friends saying they are seeing more Influenza A this year; also the vaccine is not very effective, on the low end about 40% efficacy (i didn't re-check these numbers so no quoting down below please)

you guys have the perfect weather conditions for transmission of virus ..that's probably also the reason you make the best whiskey (cos its the best treatment for those types of ailments )

now i've got to get my head around a revision of a paper but bit difficult w kiddos round the house .. an the cat insists in either walking over the computer or not moving from my lap, sometimes i can't even see the screen