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Thread: Obama's Afghanistan Strategy Falling Apart & CiA running 3,000 Assassins

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    Default Re: Obama's Afghanistan Strategy Falling Apart & CiA running 3,000 Assassins

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Lord View Post
    Like I said. The cost is really about what you think should be included or not. Or how creative you want to be. For example, it is being argued by some with regard to the MOAB that there is no cost at all as it was paid for years ago and would simply rust beyond use or whatever if it was not used.

    You seem to be taking the replacement cost approach ... what would be the cost of getting another to replace the one just used. Well, maybe 170,000 is right.

    Myself, I think that all aspects of R&D, testing, storage, security, adapting planes to deliver it etc. should be included. But we do not know these figures and never will. Not simply because the military does not want us to (which is probably true) but because this bomb was probably built on the back of smaller ones and it is difficult to apportion costs.

    But I do know that 170,000 is far from a realistic figure. Building huge bombs that are functional is not simply a matter of building a larger casing and putting more explosives into it. If so, everyone would have them. But only Russia and the USA possess weapons like these. China does not. India and Pakistan do not. Look at pictures of the MOAM and ask yourself ... why is it shaped the way it is? why the unusual fins on the back? how does it get to its target? Etc. There are considerable design questions involved ... and solutions are not cheap.
    Betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature and purpose of the weapon. US built only 12-15 in 2003, not because they were expensive, but because they have very limited utility, witness they weren't used in Iraq, or previously in Afghan. It's for that very same reason other countries haven't bothered.......yet.

    A standard 1,000 lb bomb costs about $12,000. So the ratio is about right. The distinct tail fins are for satellite guidance. Military can spread the cost of the satellites over many weapons such as the ones used in Syria recently. These days you can buy a cheap satellite phone for less than $500. Elon Musk's SpaceX which has a $1.2B launch contract with NASA, is currently quoting between $2,000 and $5,000 per Kg to put a satellite into orbit. It ain't your grandfather's space program any more.
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    Default Re: Obama's Afghanistan Strategy Falling Apart & CiA running 3,000 Assassins

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Lord View Post
    Well, there are different ways of accounting (some highly creative ). So I guess, it's whatever you're having yourself ...

    CB: Wow, my company did really well this year. We made twenty new supercomputers with a production cost of 1 million each and sold them for 5 million each. So, our profit was 80 million. Really great ...

    SL: Hang on a minute. Weren't your development costs on the new computer one billion? So you are still hundreds of millions in the hole.

    CB: Well, actually ... our accounting method excludes development costs.

    SL; Oh ... Okay. I see. Enjoy your new wealth.
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    Default Re: Obama's Afghanistan Strategy Falling Apart & CiA running 3,000 Assassins

    Up to 200 young US trained Afghanistani soldiers were killed as they left prayers, unarmed, in their base on Friday by a team of 10 Taliban fighters. The Taliban held the base for hours.

    Now there are callls for up to 20,000 more US troops in Afghanistan, and allegations that Russia is - wait for it -supporting the Taliban, threatening to bog the US down into an unwinnable war. Their current puppet only controls about half of the country.

    People in Afghanistan must be absolutely exhausted with instability, war, and corrupt puppet rule.
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