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Thread: Greens too good for citizens

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    Default Greens too good for citizens

    In early July I emailed Mr Gormley regarding an issue which concerned me an the lack of our govenment responce.

    Four days ago while cleaning out my emails I realised I hadn't got an answer, so I sent it again.

    This time I got a "sorry your email was overlooked and I have passed your concerns on to the foreign office", along with some then very standard, unreasearched and wrong information about legislation!

    I emailed back the correct piece of legislation and have heard nothing back!

    Is this our government, too good to talk with their own citizens or do they think we shouldn't know about legislation?

    I used to vote green but since they have been in government they have been almost as arrogant as Charlie Haughey!

    No more Greens for me!

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    Default Re: Greens too good for citizens

    Is it true they all had to be in bed before nine at their (I can't believe I am going to say this) think in. OMG I said it.

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    MMM and Matron Harney checked on them regulary in case they needed to go to the loo in the night!

    Thanks having a bad day you made me smile

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    I've had the same experience with the Greens and emails. All other Daíl parties reply promptly and courteously. The Greens have never replied to an email of mine, apart from once or twice to say that I should try someone else.

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    I'm still waiting for FF to respond to a query on who represents Ireland on the IWC and the contact details 6 months and waiting ..............

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    Just heard Eamon Ryan on RTE saying that Councillors should be held liable for re-zoning of lands and planning decisions which led to the property bubble.

    Would this be because The Greens no longer have any councillors?
    "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, misdiagnosing it, and then misapplying the wrong remedies.”


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