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Thread: TCD and UCD Slide Down University Rankings - What Should Be Done ?

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    Default Re: TCD and UCD Slide Down University Rankings - What Should Be Done ?

    You refer I assume to the BComm degree. I don't think anyone would argue that it was or is a tough degree compared to Engineering or Science.
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    Default Re: TCD and UCD Slide Down University Rankings - What Should Be Done ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder View Post
    To be honest I'm not at all surprised. I was at UCD in the early 90s and quite frankly the place was a joke even back then. And I was doing one of their well-known flagship degrees. It was just a conveyor-belt degree mill. I basically sleep-walked through the entire degree, rarely bothering to attend lectures - there was very little point, 99% of lectures were just some drone summarising a chapter of the textbook with additional anecdotes to help along the terminally Stupid. My A-levels (Maths, Physics and Economics) were entire orders of magnitude more complex, detailed and difficult than anything I encountered in the whole three years at UCD.

    25 years later about all I remember about my time at UCD is some of the epic parties, and my abiding deep-seated loathing for Deefers
    I know exactly what you mean about conveyer belt and it has gotten worse since your day.

    I had the eye opening experience of correcting third year science reports a few year's ago and it was mental how some of those students were studying science, never mind getting into third year. The numbers getting into course's must have tripled or quadrupled since I was an undergrad but it must be almost impossible to fail and not get a degree now. Teaching and practical contact time have been significantly reduced due to higher numbers and teaching is a secondary thought for most academics as far as I can see. It's like the universities want as many students in as possible (for the fees of course) but don't want to invest resources in furthering the students education.

    The universities are obsessed with research grants, which is fine, as research is very important. But the education side has become a joke and there is a stream of people coming out of university who lack a basic understanding in some of the core area's of their discipline.

    Maybe the problem is deeper though... What is the quality of secondary education now?

    Your time in UCD wasn't a total waste though... Experiencing good parties and realising Deefers are d1ckheads is educational.
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