Having looked at FG's New Era 'proposals' on electoral reform, there is a slight feeling that ones clothes have been stolen whie swimming.
The only thing is the New Era program does not go far enough.

At least FG will consider it, on current electorial requirements - i.e. that a byelection should be held within 6 months of a seat being vacated.
FF and the Greens are willing to spend tens of thousands of our money in legal fees to avoid this requirement.

Its to me obviously opportunistic of FG to take an AN idea and propose electoral reform.

The thing is, to rebuild the relevance of our political system is too important to leave in the hands of politicians.

FG's reform proposals are pointless as it will be politicians who will be drawing up the new system.

This is also the problem with Labour proposing another AN idea of a constitutional conference to drag the basic law of the state kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

The established parties do not want the system to change and we do!
Its an extraordinary situation that has been going on since the foundation of the state.

It's a con act, because in every reform that we have had FF and FG have been determined that power should remain in the hands of the political caste.

They still are determined to develop a system that allows them to hold on to power, because it is their job - and in Ireland in particular with our dynastic political system, its also their families future.

What we the people want is for our views to be represented in our Dail, but the system is squewed against that because the vast majority of TD's are going to be lobby fodder.

I do not know what other readers are politically, but if you put an FF rosette on a dog down here it would get elected.

The current situation is ludicrous, our views - such as they may be - are not represented.
Our local government is so bad we need to ask TD's to do the job of coucillors.

The 'reforms' proposed by FG are not nearly radical enough.

What we need to do is move away from the idea that a TD represents a local constituancy, thats local governments job - supposedly.

We need to elect people to represent our point of view rather than our area.

And if you look at political party websites, we seem to be the only ones who offer open debate on how things should change, where your ideas and suggestions are welcome, not fobbed off with a standardised email response.