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    I started Political World politics forum and website in February 2010, as a place where people of different political views and backgrounds can discuss the urgent political, economic and environment issues we face. Political World aims to be a friendly and constructive place for debate, discussion and for exchanging ideas right across the political spectrum.

    The forum was set up in Ireland, but people from all parts of the world are welcome to join us here and debate the politics of their own country along with the global issues that we all have in common. The members of Political World invite you to help us to build this forum into the best political forum anywhere.

    The Role of Political World Members

    Political World could not exist without the support and participation of its members, as well as posting, Moderate, develop forum content, publicise the forum, invite new members, give advice on technical issues and make suggestions for the forum's future development and sometime press the donate button to help keep this place running and developing.

    The Political World Founder Members (you will know them by their badges) were the 100 first people who posted on the Political World forum. It takes a certain something to join and contribute to a new forum with very few members. The badges are a sign of appreciation. However all members, old and new, are of equal standing on this forum.

    Please address any queries to C. Flower at [email protected].

    C. Flower

    Administrator, Political World
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