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Thread: Covid-19

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    Default Covid-19

    Covid-19 is the most serious public health crisis the country has faced in at least one hundred years.

    Serious enough to rouse me from a long slumber and dig out my password after an absense of nearly two years.

    It's looking very bad. Johnson is taking a Trevelyan like approach of basically letting nature take it's course, the number of dead be damned.

    Ireland has a caretaker government consisting of some of the most incompetent ministers in many years. It may be faced with taking some of the most serious decisions an Irish government has ever had to take, despite the lack of legitimacy given Fine Gael's defeat in the elections.

    Fianna Fail are looking like entering into full coalition with Fine Gael.

    Sinn Fein are the most popular party and far exceeded expectations in the General Election.

    A Pandemic is sweeping the nation, and the globe, which will leave a significant number of dead.

    Is the world ending?

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    Yes, it was the virus brought me back too, after long absence.

    The world isn't ending, I feel pretty sure, but our old life may be. For one thing, the way in which so much of what has been enacted by right/centrist governments clearly resembles the policies espoused the social-democratic parties much mocked and derided by the dominant media, must give one pause. And there's also the way the natural world is reviving, as the human realm shrinks.

    It's a chill wind that's blowing right now, but let's hope it'll be in some ways at least, a better world when the storm has blown itself out.

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    Default Re: Covid-19

    Scary times, but this too will pass.
    10M Americans lost their jobs in the last two weeks. 6.6M were announced today, and the Dow went up 2.5%, because Russia and Saudi seem to be about to reverse themselves and cut daily oil production by 10m barrels. Go Figya.

    Bad as it is in the west, when it hits the slums of Africa, and India, I fear it will be a bloodbath.
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