Chants of "FIX, FIX, FIX" are often made ironically, or sometimes humorously and yet, on other occasions where they would be nether ironic or humorous, they are not heard at all.

Here are a couple of ALLEGED examples and I want to stress ALLEGED, get it, not fact, just alleged, and not alleged by me, just reported by me.

Now I just know all the Ladies here will be huge fans of the Dublin Horse Show's famous Ladies Day. Well some years ago on a Ladies day I was told by a rather inebriated person who I know was in a position to know, that the best dressed Ladies Day prize was "fixed".

No sponsor was ever going to take a chance and give the title to someone who looks a million dollars at the show but not so elegant at 4am the next morning as she is filmed outside Copper Faced Jack's being wrestled into the back of a cop-van by half a dozen Gardaí while swinging the "most elegant lady" trophy like a war-axe and screaming that she is the sponsors choice.

Nether will they chance giving the prize to someone who might be associated with a criminal gang or even a political organisation.

The sponsor will want to know in advance the very short list of vetted possible winners.

Another example is all the interviews for jobs where it has already been decided who will get the position.

For legal reasons it must appear like a real competition but in fact the only way the chosen one won't get hired is if they turn up pissed as a newt and even then they might be given a second chance to turn up half sober.

Interviews for teaching posts are just one example where hopeful candidates are interviewed when every one knows the teacher who has been doing the job temporarily will be made permanent.

Can anyone think of other examples.