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Thread: Peterborough by-election Thurs 6th June 2019

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    Default Peterborough by-election Thurs 6th June 2019

    Labour won the marginal seat despite the Brexit going on civil war, internal wrecking and continued media hostility. A mass mobilisation of members helped overturn the Euro-election disaster claimed Owen Jones on TV . Hope is back

    The wreckers continued right on though helped along by the Beeb , 2 being quoted in the article and the eccentic Brexiter Mann (I recall being perturbed on reading his site that a Thachterite could be allowed be a Labour mp) being allowed to hector the new mp on Tv for alleged anti-semitism (she allegedly carelessly liked a dodgy facebook post). The Beeb seems to like interviewing the character , not the 1st time I've seen him in my rare Tv viewing

    Analysis/commentary from pro-Corbynista site skwawkbox

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    Default Re: Peterborough by-election Thurs 6th June 2019

    Interesting result. The Brexit Party with a huge lead in the polls couldn't take the seat. Farage pleaded lack of organisation in a new party. Well, it will still be a new party - with no coherent political standpoint and no membership structure - when the Gen. Election takes place.

    Appointment of a PM who favours immediate crash out without reference to Parliament looks like the only way that a hard Brexit could be obtained and that might remain the case after a GE. Here is how the PM will be elected by Tory party members --
    “ We cannot withdraw our cards from the game. Were we as silent and mute as stones, our very passivity would be an act. ”
    — Jean-Paul Sartre


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