1. A group of President Donald Trump's fellow Republicans in Congress introduced legislation on Tuesday intended to prohibit anyone employed or sponsored by the Chinese military from receiving student or research visas to the United States.

The bill would require the U.S. government to create a list of scientific and engineering institutions affiliated with the Chinese People's Liberation Army, and prohibit anyone employed or sponsored by those institutions from receiving the visas...

2. Sinophobia is at its height in America. The rise of anti-Asian sentiment, in particular anti-Chinese, does not come as a surprise as most white Americans have been raised up in a racist environment and bombarded by anti-Asian propaganda from politicians and the mass media all the while.

The so-called trade war is being used as a diversionary tactic by Trump to deflect attention from his domestic problems. More threatening to China, however, are the less publicised US moves such as banning US high-tech exports to China, playing the Taiwan card, restricting Chinese investment in the US, banning Chinese takeover of near bankrupted US firms, barring all US companies from using the equipment of Huawei and other Chinese telco companies, increasing US naval activities in the South China Sea, resorting to US gunboat diplomacy through the Taiwan Strait, etc.

Such hostile moves against China can be compared to "cobra bites" while the so-called trade war is just an "ant bite" to China. China should not let such US "cobra bites" go unchallenged and should include them in the trade talks.

Trump can raise the tariffs on Chinese goods to whatever astronomical levels he likes. China will just have to sit back and laugh at the US folly of self-inflicted damage. After all, it is the US businesses and consumers that are being fooled by Trump to fill up the US coffers with billions of hard-earned dollars.

China should not worry about the false reasoning that the US has the upper hand in the "tariff number game" as a result of the huge US trade deficits. China has many effective means at its disposal to hit back at the US. One way for China is to impose a total ban on Chinese tourists to the US in order to deal a crippling blow to the US tourist industry. Trump’s tariffs will raise the prices of many consumer goods in the US. Hence another way for China is to ban the export of toilet paper to the US.

P.S. The bill on Chinese students and researchers was sponsored by some Republicans Senators including a presidential hopeful whom Trump threatened to "spill the beans on his wife" during his 2016 election campaigns. Once a while, those less known US lawmakers would introduce some controversial anti-China bills, most probably as publicity stunts, in the hope of increasing their chances in future presidential elections.