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Thread: in meltdown.

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    Default in meltdown.

    I am not sure what has happened over on, it is far to technical for me, but whatever has happened it seems serious.

    Could mark the end of according to people who seem to know.

    JMCC posts here sometimes and is knowledgeable on such matters. His advice given on another site is that anyone with an account over there, even an old account, and who used the same password to access other accounts, like here or worse, a bank account, should change their password immediately. I know a lot of us here once upon a time were over there.

    Seems like a major breech of security has occurred.

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    Default Re: in meltdown.

    There is a discussion on the site about the issue.
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    Default Re: in meltdown.

    Seems like a right mess. The site is currently offline so at least that's a good thing.


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