Surprised no one has started a thread yet. Dont quite know where to start on this topic. The French protests are now in their 4th week with at least 125,000 (Official figure given by state AFAIK) (136,000 protestors mentioned in one paper) just this weekend all over France . The extreme right attempt to hijack these protests have apparently failed and the demands have become more left wing . If anything the whole thing has a strong anarchist feel to it (more in a pissed off people taking to streets sense than actual thought out I think)

Anyhow to kick off some translated commentary by a Yellow Vest supporter . He could be talking about rural Ireland. I have to say I am surprised at his talk of hungry faces. We obviously have not been properly informed of the extent of the crumbling of the not long ago vaunted French welfare state . And Macron had planned a 20 billion cutting, how much has now been implemented ? (and some already during the 'Socialist' government of Holland)

And in French;
The old communist paper which also has a video of the mass arrests of students near Paris

Comparing it to a revolution in this online journal associated with the 'dissident communist' Ensemble coalition within Melenchons populist left France Insoumise . Lots of rumblings

the 'anti-capitalist' coalition NPA talks in a similar vein with more at it's online paper

And a report from a Guardian like paper (rad left tradition but corporate takeover tamed it) mentions 136,000 protestors and 1723 arrests just this weekend