1. It is unthinkable that America, the supposedly bastion of freedom and democracy, has descended to the level depicted in Hans Christian Andersen's satire.

Charm Baker writes opinion pieces and fact-based articles on diverse topics. Her expertise is the writing/self-publishing category. The following are excerpts from her June 5, 2018 opinion piece headlined "Republicans Applaud the Emperor’s New Clothes While Trump Prances Naked in Public".

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...When we assess the situation with our current President, there’s no way to deny that Donald Trump walks around in public, draped in nothing but lies (pick a lie, any lie). Sad as it is, he doesn’t seem to possess not one honorable quality to cover himself with. Just like the Emperor in the story, President Trump has made a spectacle of himself with all the false statements and outright lies he has told. Those who wink and nod and act like they don’t see it are just as bad as the Emperor’s “subjects” were. They blindly supported him and showered him with their applause. They cheered the foolish man on and let him revel in his pride and arrogance. Some of the subjects probably talked themselves into believing that they really could see the “new clothes,” but for the most part, they were all just too cowardly to speak up.

In a similar way, Republicans have been doing the same thing with President Trump, but now enough is enough. Someone needs to finally speak up? Tell Donald Trump how embarrassing his dishonesty really is for the country. Other nations are watching from all around the world. What must they really be thinking? In fact, what could the Republicans and entire Trump Administration be thinking? It is high time Trump supporters stop drinking the Kool Aide and behaving like sheep being led to a slaughter. It's okay to be a patriot, but not okay to support blatant lies. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp for those who sincerely want what's best for our nation, especially members of the Administration?....

His once veiled racism is no longer hidden under the folds of his imaginary suit. His fancy Emperor’s robes don’t cover up the petty, insecure “me, me, me” attitude. You’re fully exposed Mr. President and anyone with half a brain can see you. Maybe that’s why the Republicans just don’t get it. They behave like they don’t have half a brain between them. There doesn’t appear to be even a handful of courageous women and men in their ranks. If there weren’t so many cowards among them, maybe someone could sit him down and do an intervention; and for God’s sake, tell the man to put some damn clothes on!

...Whether Republicans admit it or not, President Trump’s nakedness is on display (figuratively speaking of course) for all the world to see. All his private parts are no longer private and his secret shortcomings have been put on blast (thanks Stormy). But his lies are not just about his sexual proclivities. I for one could care less if and how he makes a habit of cheating on his wife. But when you make a habit of lying to the American people about any and everything that comes out of your mouth, that is why your honesty is constantly in question....

As we continue watching our own naked “Emperor” during this difficult Administration, it causes one to wonder, how much longer will we allow this type of leader to set the tone for who we are? If the President of the United States of American can’t be trusted not to lie whenever he opens his mouth; he’s creating a new definition of truth. Pretty soon we’ll all be walking around naked. (End excerpts)

Source: https://soapboxie.com/us-politics/Re...aked-in-Public