1. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday (24 April) that ongoing nuclear talks with North Korea would be "bumpy" and "challenging" but expressed confidence about ultimately brokering a path to full denuclearization. He also dismissed a recent personal attack from a senior North Korean official — who last week called for a more "mature" interlocutor than Pompeo — as coming from a "mid-level guy."

2. The word "bumpy" reminds me of "trumpy" which has several meanings in the online "Urban Dictionary". Below are three examples:

(a) A unique personal quality of an individual making them capable of inspiring revulsion, lethargy and malaise in other people.

(b) Brash, arrogant, outspoken; known to make edgy, contentious statements that turn out to be factually incorrect.

(c) The absolute worst ever.

3. In addition, the word "trumpery" has the following meaning in the online "Collins English Dictionary":

(a) Foolish talk or actions.

(b) A useless or worthless article; trinket.

4. Here I coin the term "trumpeto" to mean "a person who claims victory even if he ends in utter failure or falls off from a wall like "Trumpty Drumpty". To magnify his victory or success, such a guy will take a mile if you give him an inch.