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I met two girls in London who had come all the way from NZ, got a train to Wales, looked around the street outside the station for five minutes, decided they didn't like it, and went back to London on the same train.
Yeah as if international visitors don't arrive for sex tourism or fans don't fly in for matches or concerts that get cancelled and the likes.
Britain knows they'll never get a grip of these two suspects and it may well be that Russia is sticking two fingers up at them in this tv trial.

I'd watch out for any pending British tv documentary on the matter and the gearing up of security.

While some will say it's to protect against dangerous individuals coming in, i sense at the same time there'll be a sweep within borders to root alot of people out.

Intelligence agencies play dirty games. When it comes to counter intelligence and the murky world they dwell you'll forever have spies, lies and fall guys.