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Thread: EU Parliament adopts new copyright law

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    Default EU Parliament adopts new copyright law

    The EU Parliament voted by 438 votes to 226, with 39 abstentions to adopt a new law that will mean that big online sites like Facebook and Google will have to pay for the use of copyright materials they quote from or allow users to quote from liberally. This is not a directive, so individual countries will enact their own versions of the law, but the intent is to ensure that the host sites are responsible for copyright breaches they enable. As someone who is a 'content creator' and whose work has been pirated online in the past, I must say I'm delighted, although I know that the 'free stuff' lobby will take a different view. The reality is that there's no such thing as 'free stuff'.
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    Default Re: EU Parliament adopts new copyright law

    I'm certainly no defender of FB. I do a little creating and publishing, I don't know enough about the detail to comment meaningfully, and devil in detail etc. but what struck me as ominous was, from the outset they've created the law, and then various exceptions at either end for large sites like Wikipedia and small sites like PW. I suspect that over time time more exceptions (loopholes) will be added and eventually it will become like the US tax code, unintelligible.

    Pity they didn't just adopt the "fair use doctrine" that's already in use in several countries including the US, and which I avail of on PW everyday. Harmonizing laws facilitate ease of use, but I understand that the EU wants/needs to paddle its own canoe, and not be seen as subservient to the US.

    Don't miss the important news out of Europe this week. The European Parliament voted to move forward on rules that further erode the legal principle that big platforms like Google and Facebook aren't responsible for the content posted by their users.

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