Russians, Indians, Germans especially likely to say their countries are more globally important

How people feel about their nation’s current economic situation contributes to their opinions of their country’s general importance in the world over the past decade. Partisanship also plays a role in public perceptions of a country’s growing or diminishing global prominence.

Despite rising economic confidence, Japanese see best days behind them and say children face a bleak future

Japanese feel better about their economy than at any time in nearly two decades. But the overall mood in Japan remains wary. The prevailing view is that average people are worse off than before the recession, while few think the next generation will fare any better.

Despite recent violence, Chicago is far from the U.S. ‘murder capital’

While Chicago has recorded far more murders than any other American city in recent years, the Windy City is by no means the country's “murder capital” when adjusting for population. Instead, St. Louis has had the highest per capita murder rate of any major U.S. city since 2014