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Thread: Is the French Left going anywhere?

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    Default Is the French Left going anywhere?

    Considering a recent local by election in Paris region (where the famous 'red belt' was located) had a turnout of 12% and won by the right it is not looking that good right now . Resistance to Macron's reforms are not going that well (100 billion euro cuts are in the pipeline)
    A recent poll here
    And commented by the PCF (main communist party) friendly daily summing the left as 22.5% (the far left NPA gets another 1% which is within the new range of about 2 it sunk to 5 years back and excluded also are the PS at 6% Irish Labour-ised pretty much) . The hapless Hamon's (who spilt from PS) Generation S which seems an attempt to do an Insoumise tpye thing within the PS family at 3% included in the Left along with the Green EELV at 6% . Also there's gossip about unity talks , snubbed apparently by Melenchon ?

    Detailed 'hard left' gossip (as opposed to 'far left') from France . Related to the Independent left between Melenchon and the long time ailing Communist Party . Covered is the Euro_Left split , local by-election hopes (very low turn out killed that) and the spats between the big ego Melenchon 's Insoumise (seen as a necessary evil still I presume) and the PCF and so on.

    Related to these guys, dissident to splitter communists who had the sense to re-coalesce and now with feet in Melenchons France Insoumise . It'll probably happen here in about 5-10 years with Sinn Fein and PBP/Sol? (If you compare SF to PCF and PBP/Sol to NPA+ as a reminder that once seemingly solid political fortunes come and go and increasingly quicker these days- again the French far left NPA+ went down to around 2% about 5 years back, and the PCF less than 3 last year)
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