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Thread: Ethiopia-Eritrean conflict

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    Default Ethiopia-Eritrean conflict

    Difficult to understand, Ethiopia is maybe comparable to China (a hard left ideology long reconciled to capitalism with ongoing concessions to neo-liberalism), Eritrea to North Korea (seen as a corrupt ultra left basket case ) . Eritrea blames most of it problems on Ethiopia , the Ethiopians though seem tired of the 20 year war and sensibly want to end it once and for all . I dont know how accurate Real News are here , the report seems naieve to wonky (Ford critiqued as having a blind spot about Eritrea), though the interviewer asks some pertinent questions. For me this is yet another embarrassment for the leftside with clear corruption in both countries ruling classes

    More reading on Ethiopia
    Ruling coalition
    2017 'business' report
    A 2007 Trotskyist analysis . I have no idea how accurate it was and it is certainly well out of date
    Both the German left daily ND and French equiv critique the country

    Eritrea is not well covered, 2015
    Recent (ND partially behind paywall seems to have best coverage)
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