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Thread: The Portuguese 'miracle'

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    Default The Portuguese 'miracle'

    For some time I've been trying to figure what is happening in Portugal . Politically speaking it has been a seeming miracle for the ruling Socialist Party/PS whose support had risen back in power with even the supporting left holding thier own and the right wing opposition declined

    But why ?
    2017 analysis from the Left bloc (one of the 2 left movements supporting the PS government) hopefully sums it succinctly enough

    An example of austerity easing from the PS website
    'The amounts of family allowances for children and young people were updated today, increasing to 148.32 euros in children up to one year and 37.08 euros in those who are more than three years old, in the case of the first income bracket...' - The rates appear to be monthly

    Thing is this easing is off a low base as indicated here
    and here The 2nd site indicates that the figures are monthly, so Portugese 'dole' is about a quarter of Irelands full rate ?
    If anyone can debunk this, please do

    And an old meagre comparison which if correct show Portugals spend on social welfare back in 2014 under the right was less than the Netherlands (where the 'end of the welfare state' was declared around that time )

    Some history

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    Default Re: The Portuguese 'miracle'

    And how bad things were back in 2013

    '... Since 2010, the number receiving “social insertion benefit”, a payment to those most in need, has almost halved to 274,933. In April, the average monthly amount received under this benefit was just €81.90, it says...'


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