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Thread: Mexican Election July 1st, 2018

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    Default Mexican Election July 1st, 2018

    Time to start a tread I think . The long standing leftist AMLO and his new MORENA parties (+allies like the Labour Party/PT) continues his amazing campaign threatening to sweep away the entire old party system including his own former party PRD which did a sort of Irish Labour (but worse) and backed the right wing neo-liberal PAN candidate . Though the entire system very corrupt in what now can probably be described an ultra capitalist country.
    A question in my mind , will AMLO survive the campaign ? (90 candidates had been murdered by May 11th)

    June 3rd

    May 29th

    May 11th

    Wiki links,_2018
    MORENA Minor Left partner The odd 'social conservative'? partner
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    Todays update from RNN briefly touches on the complexities of Mexico like the relationship between oligarchy and state . So it is ultra-capitalist in the huge drugs crime but odd in a 'socialism for the rich' sense .
    The main threat to AMLO is seen as fraud for now


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