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Thread: Swedish election 2018

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    Default Swedish election 2018

    ELection date : Sunday September 9th

    Despite some reversal of historic Social welfare cuts over the past year , the Swedish September election may show another populist extreme right shocker in the form of the seemingly unstoppable advance of the Sweden Democrats . There is 3 months to go to turn things round

    Thats based on the big SCB poll, most other recent polls listed here show worse,_2018

    The good news, too little too late, or just too late to sink in ? Or are crime and immigration really overshadowing that in people's minds to such a large extent?

    More clues here, SocDem leader Lofven who's caricatured as an old style Sossie (socialist blockhead or something like that) did badly in a TV debate . Lofven is hard to figure, but said to be a reluctant leader and compromise 'centrist' choice within the Social Democrat party. It's surprising that he could not take advantage of the increase in Social Welfare spending under his government . Sad that Swedes are as cranky/fickle (as in easily conned by disinfo) as anyone else these days if this is really as it seems . Of course his own party's swing right in the 90s is partly to blame (defacto Blairite before Blair) , but that is a complicated story
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    I dont wish to add to the crowing of the extreme right trolls over at so I'll post this here as a warning to my fellow left social democrats (aka democratic socialists to populist leftists) Sweden fans (past and present) to prepare for the worst. The latest opinion poll in Sweden puts the populist extreme right at it's highest ever support 29% (YouGov Sweden usually gives them a higher estimate than any other pollster , however most pollsters underestimated them at the last election) . In Swedish (google translates it well enough)

    We have 11 weeks to go to hope the SocDem-Green governments cuts reversals and the good economy undo some of the long term damage caused by neo-liberalism in Sweden (in part unfortunately started by the Social Democrats themselves in the 90s redefinition) . Now that is going behind a paywall Radio Sweden has the best remaining coverage in English

    A note of hope is that the extreme right 'True Finns' (PS) support dropped after going in the government in Finland,_2019

    Denmark is more complicated with the populist extreme right DPP (O) peaked only after joining the governing coalition but outside the actual government . There is now an even more extreme right party I am told (not figuring in the wiki polls thankfully) along with a more neo-liberal tax-cutting party (Liberal Alliance/I) . The centre-left + left opposition 'Red' block are leading a long time but the SocDems have swung right on immigration and left on social welfare it is said
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