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Thread: Swedish election 2018

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    Default Swedish election 2018

    ELection date : Sunday September 9th

    Despite some reversal of historic Social welfare cuts over the past year , the Swedish September election may show another populist extreme right shocker in the form of the seemingly unstoppable advance of the Sweden Democrats . There is 3 months to go to turn things round

    Thats based on the big SCB poll, most other recent polls listed here show worse,_2018

    The good news, too little too late, or just too late to sink in ? Or are crime and immigration really overshadowing that in people's minds to such a large extent?

    More clues here, SocDem leader Lofven who's caricatured as an old style Sossie (socialist blockhead or something like that) did badly in a TV debate . Lofven is hard to figure, but said to be a reluctant leader and compromise 'centrist' choice within the Social Democrat party. It's surprising that he could not take advantage of the increase in Social Welfare spending under his government . Sad that Swedes are as cranky/fickle (as in easily conned by disinfo) as anyone else these days if this is really as it seems . Of course his own party's swing right in the 90s is partly to blame (defacto Blairite before Blair) , but that is a complicated story
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