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Thread: Rajoy is going, gone (Huraay)

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    Default Rajoy is going, gone (Huraay)

    Spain: Rajoy has been unelected (finally after an esp bad corruption scandal involving his right wing PP party) . PSOE (Spanish sort of Blairite to Millebandish Labour?) leader Sanchez will be the new PM after been supported by Podemos and Basque and Catalan nationalists

    Fresh Elections are expected with 12 months .
    And a Milliband equiv can be imagined

    I hope Cs (the replacement neolib party for the neo-con PP) bandwagon will be faded by then. Apart from the continuing popularity of Cs still flying high on it's Catalonia success in December, recent polls has shown a recovery by the (for a period) depressed Podemos at the expense of PSOE which together with the scandal maybe finally propelled the up to now hard to put together coalition into action (which could have happened a lot earlier if it werent for postering esp within PSOE )
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    Default Re: Rajoy is going, gone (Huraay)

    The affirmative roar in the parliament, when Rajoy was gone, was good to hear. Was this scandal politics at work just, or just as much to do with the economy, and Catalonia ?
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    Default Re: Rajoy is going, gone (Huraay)

    A sombre enough analysis in this dialogue between Irish Podemos head/journalist Eoghan Gilmartin and a Spanish one , with tenous hopes


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