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Thread: Ireland's "Political Rich List"

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    Default Ireland's "Political Rich List"

    According to today's Sunday Independent, approximately a half of TDs are "worth" €1 million, counting in the value of their pension.
    Independent TD Michael Lowry, who represents Tipperary in the Dáil, has been named Ireland's richest politician with an estimated worth of €6.4m.

    The Political Rich List, compiled by the Sunday Independent, provides a breakdown of the estimated worth of Ireland's TDs. There are no Berlusconis in there, but there is a pattern of a more than well-heeled bunch of people. Much of their wealth is accrued from salaries and pensions. Could we not find people who would do a better job for less ?
    Michael Healy-Rae, an Independent TD for Kerry, comes in second with an estimated worth of €5.4m.
    Richard Bruton, a Dublin Fine Gael TD and Minister for Education and Skills, is the third wealthiest with a worth of almost €5m.
    The list shows that half of Irish politicians are now worth more than €1m.
    It also shows that all the combined wealth of all TDs in Leinster House is estimated to be more than €216m.
    The highest placed female on the list is Fine Gael politician and former-Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald at number 18.
    The data shows that just 11 female politicians are thought to be worth €1m.

    Our politicians don't cut it compared with our "business elite"

    Despite years of austerity Ireland’s wealthy elite have got even richer in the last decade. Sunday Mirror, March 2018
    The combined fortune of Ireland’s 300 richest people has jumped to €79 billon this year, up from last year’s €77bn, it emerged yesterday.

    The minimum wealth needed to qualify for this year’s top 300 was €52 million.
    The richest 250 people across the island of Ireland are now worth a record €76bn.
    After the financial crash in 2010 the fortunes of the top 250 fell to €39.26bn, the Sunday Times Rich List reveals.
    Sunday Times spokesman Colm Murphy said: “You need more money than ever to be numbered among the richest 300 in the country, we have more euro billionaires than ever and the wealth of the richest 300 stands at a record level.
    and from the Examiner
    Half of TDs are now worth over €1m.
    That is according to a political rich list which has been compiled by the Sunday Independent.
    It shows the estimated combined wealth of all TDs in Leinster House is over €216m.
    Among the wealthiest are TDs Michael Lowry, Michael Healy-Rae and Richard Bruton.
    The paper says Mr Healy-Rae is "by far the biggest landlord in the Dáil" - with 10 rental properties.
    It also says his brother, Danny Healy-Rae, has assets valued at €1.6m - bringing their combined estimated family wealth to €7m.
    However the research points to a gender pay gap, with just 11 female politicians thought to be worth €1m.
    Fine Gael is the richest political party, with all TDs having a combined wealth estimated at €80m.
    Fianna Fáil TDs have an estimated wealth of almost €70m, and Sinn Féin's Dáil deputies are said to be worth some €12m.
    Political correspondent with the Sunday Independent, Philip Ryan, outlines who tops the list.
    "Michael Lowry is number one on our list, who we value at around €6.4m - he's followed by Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae who comes in at €5.4m.
    "The top Cabinet minister is the Minister for Education Richard Bruton, who we value at just under €5m".
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    Default Re: Ireland's "Political Rich List"

    Both Michael Lowry TD and Michael Healy-Rae TD are poll toppers.
    They are great constituency workers, and unbelievable "fixers". That, is what makes them so popular with the voters, that.... and the perception that voting for them is a great big "********* you" to that crowd up in Dublin.

    I don't know about the rest of the rich list TD's but I bet it is the same as the two top boys mentioned above. I know lots of people in Tipperary and even people who support other parties will give Lowry a Number 1 because they want to make damm sure he is returned. Some of his "Fixes" verge on the unbelievable. Those two fit more into their day than most of us fit into a week.
    Like it or not that is what we want in our TD's.

    Maybe it is the PR (Proportional Representation) multi seat constituency system we have, maybe it is in our nature, I don't know, but that is the way it is and I don't see it changing any time soon.

    Exhibit A:

    MICHAEL Healy-Rae has defended his parking on double yellow lines outside the passport office — and insisted he would do it again.

    The Kerry TD’s vehicle was spotted outside the Dublin office earlier this week as he nipped inside.

    The outspoken Independent, 51, was photographed parking illegally while he popped in to help some of his constituents.

    Healy-Rae told the Irish Sun: “I’ll tell you exactly what it was . . . I was contacted during the week by two people who needed their passports for an emergency situation.

    “They asked me would I be able to help so I said I would.

    “I went to the passport office and parked up outside and stuck the hazard lights on while I went in to collect them.

    Independent TD Michael Healy-Rae insists he’d do it again
    Can you imagine another country where you need a passport in a hurry so you get your National Parliamentary Representative to collect it? And they do! And they park illegally while they do it! And then they say "***k you!" I would (and probably will) do it again.

    I cannot decide if it is good or bad, but by Jesus, it must be unique.

    Michael Healey-Ray Passport adventure reported in the Starr here:

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    Default Re: Ireland's "Political Rich List"

    "He fixed de road!!"

    "If you go far enough to either extreme of the political spectrum, Communist or fascist, you'll find hard-eyed men with guns who believe that anybody who doesn't think as they do should be incarcerated or exterminated. " - Jim Garrison, Former DA, New Orleans.


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