A long piece at - https://echochamberpod.com/2018/02/22/the-gig-is-up/

Tells the unbelievable story, IMO, of a long running and ongoing saga about the handling of sub-contracting, the black economy, the lump and sundry other "employment practices" active in Ireland since the 2000s.

The real story in this long and detailed history is the conniving done by various elements of the Dept of Soc Sec in its various garbs, ably abetted by the Dept of Finance, Michael Noonan, Leo Veradkar and a whole host of lawyers, to deal with various dubious practices. It includes the involvement of a sub-strata of "friends of the management" of FG and others.

Nobody comes out of it without a smell, including the trade unions.

It is a long read, with lot of details, but, for me, it illustrates where and how Ireland has politically gone completely rogue.

Those of you who have the interest, courage and the time to delve in to it are welcome to comment, of course, but I think it beholds us as politically aware people to reflect on what it indicates about our country and the way it operates, today.