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Thread: Eccesiastical and Gaelic History Sources

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    Default Eccesiastical and Gaelic History Sources

    I've been doing a lot of local history research lately trying to build a picture of my local area pre-English Reformation and pre 1600's before much of Gaelic society was crushed.

    Understanding the church pre-Tudor and Cromwellian conquest is essential in understanding Gaelic Ireland. The old Civil Parishes you find in the census were the pre-English Reformation parishes established under the medieval Irish church. It is believed most of these parish boundaries were aligned with the boundaries of a local tuath of a petty king, where the tuath would have preceded in the parish in age.

    I have found some very good online resources for exploring ecclesiastical local history. this is an invaluable database of ecclesiastical establishments between the 5th and 12th centuries. Some have more information than others but some of what you might find include, the remains, if any, of the site, saint associated with the establishment, a lineage associated with it and other sources referenced.

    UCC has a massive resource of documents including some translated Annals

    I'll post others as I find them.

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    Default Re: Eccesiastical and Gaelic History Sources

    Can I get the typo in the title fixed please Mods?


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