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Thread: Protests in Iran

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    Default Protests in Iran

    Recent statement of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)..

    The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) hails the just and bold movement of Iranian people against the
    Islamic Republic that has ruled for nearly foty years using repression and extreme violence. We insist on the unity of the masses and on a clear and sharp stand against the aggressive imperialist powers and their agents who try to derail the movement. There is not yet sign of an increase in the number of workers in the streets. A general strike will force the regime to retreat and will provide the opportunity for the street demonstrators to continue protesting with a lower cost. The unbalanced class forces, the lack of political organization and leadership, and the exhaustion of the street protesters will not produce a condition in favor of the movement.

    In the Middle East, the U.S. imperialists and Israeli Zionists are trying to penetrate any movement against the regimes that do not bend to their dictates. This is particularly true about Iran. The presence of agents and lackeys of the US imperialists and Israeli Zionists in a movement does not necessarily express the nature of the movement. In the present uprising in Iran, the role of these agents is not dominant. This is a spontaneous movement from bottom - up and not from top -down. At the same time, the communists, left, and progressive forces must be very vigilant and analyze the erroneous slogans and stands that are expressed in the marches and expose
    the nature of them to the masses. If the demands “bread, job, housing, liberty, social justice, and the republic” are more clearly expressed, if the slogans in support of the overthrown old order – the hereditary monarchy –and the slogans that compromise with faction of the regime are rejected from the ranks of the movement, then one can
    hope, with the rise of revolutionary forces in particular the Marxist-Leninists who are the true representatives of most radical social demands and who are strongly opposed to imperialist interventions, that the movement will achieve its goals.

    The Party of Labour of Iran calls on the masses in the streets to be vigilant and avoid the premature
    violence. The agents of imperialists and Zionists and the sell - out circles do not value the human life.
    They only look for their interest. Every call on the masses should be carefully examined and its source be
    investigated. The rights to formation of independent guilds, the right to employment and housing and unemployment
    insurance, the freedom of association and assembly, the separation of religion from the state and
    education, the abolition of gender segregation and compulsory veils and dress code, and the freedom of all political prisoners are part of the demands of the street demonstrators. The Party of Labour of Iran gives its whole hearted support to these demands and believes that no faction of the Islamic regime has the will to fulfillthese just and popular demands of the masses.

    The Party of Labour of Iran ( Toufan) strongly condemns the brutal killings of the protesters and calls on the fraternal Parties and Organizations in the ”Internatinal Conference of the Marxist Leninist Parties and Organisations” and on the revolutionary and progressive forces and individuals to condemn the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran for its crimes and to demand the immediate and unconditional release of all detained street protesters.

    The remedy for the workers and the working people is unity and organization!

    The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)
    January 1, 2018
    Interestingly, the statement does not mention what seems to be significant opposition amongst the youth to their country's interference in the war in Syria.
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    Default Re: Protests in Iran

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Lord View Post
    Interestingly, the statement does not mention what seems to be significant opposition amongst the youth to their country's interference in the war in Syria.
    Watching this with interest.
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