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Thread: Another YouTube rival bites the dust.

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    Default Another YouTube rival bites the dust.

    Few people have heard of Vidme and that in a nutshell is why they will cease to exist as and from 12 noon tomorrow (15/12/'17). It is a Video hosting site and any content which the creators have not saved and/or posted elsewhere will be lost forever.

    Vidme was an effort to create a more user-friendly platform than You Tube and it did attract a lot of investment and content but never really stood a chance of surviving.
    Perhaps it was ahead of its time. The power of You Tube seems to have gone to their head. Arrogance and madness may well be the downfall of Y/Tube, what with their zeal for censoring and demonetising (fancy word for not paying afaik) non politically correct channels they may well come a cropper. But sad to say, Vidme will not be around to benefit from Y/Tubes decline.

    Here is their goodbye page, I suppose that might disappear tomorrow as well:

    Goes to show, the printed word still has a lot to recommend it. At least books won't disappear at the flick of a switch.

    And if you ever wondered if an e-reader was better than a book, well try this experiment. Drop a book and an e-reader on the ground, stand on each of them, then jump on each of them, then see which of them still works.

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    Default Re: Another YouTube rival bites the dust.

    Very interesting.

    On the ebook front, publishing houses like Verso give you the ebook for free when you buy the physical book.

    I find the ebook very handy for commuting.
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