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Thread: Social Dumping - What is it ?

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    Default Social Dumping - What is it ?

    Defined on wiki
    By the European parliament

    Posted workers are merely a sub issue but gives an idea about the fiddle involved

    We know from out own longtime black economy that this must be an issue here and it is probably huge now that the employer class has figured out that migrants are easier to exploit.
    This is happening just about everywhere , I've read of Croatian farm workers in devasted Greece , similar in Spain despite huge unemployment there also . And many Irish know what it's like to have a relative working illegally abroad even if we havent been a migrant ourselves .

    It is a key battle in the effort to roll back the populist extreme right , France insoumise made it a big issue (We will opt out of the posted workers programme, but we will not reduce freedom of movement)
    and in Denamrk even the far left originated now defacto populist left Red Greens have taken it up

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    Default Re: Social Dumping - What is it ?

    It is a method of "cost reduction" beloved of the right. Dressed up as that "the market" reacts +vly, leading to commentary on how well we are doing.

    Me cynical? never....


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