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    This goes on a bit but attempts to summarise the issue which really needs highlighting . I got an interview for a CE scheme a few days back and was told I can not do CE because I'm on Jobpath which is further worrying as to the intent from government . I think they want to shift to a British style system of treating people on social welfare so badly they will somehow go away . Of course it wont happen all at once .

    Only 2 TDs have raised the issue I know of , Catherine Murphy of the Social Democrats (one of the reasons I am now going to SocDem meetings) and a Sinn Feiner

    The DDI splinter United People campaigns a lot on the issue

    Some black humour to distract us
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    In the same vein if not the same exact story. This already happened in Germany and Sweden among elsewhere so be worried if you are long term unemployed . If there were a 'mini jobs' programme for long term unemployed like in Germany that would be something but that was just the upside of drastic cuts there .

    2003 story but gives an idea. The figures given are monthly rates so it means long term unemployed assistance is 'capped' at around €80 a week after 2 years . However additional stuff like rent allowance is easier to get AFAIK ;
    'the new benefit would be capped at €345 in western Germany and €331 in the east. A person may not be eligible to receive this second unemployment benefit if they have a working spouse or has assets exceeding €13,000.'
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