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Thread: Macron Mania or hypnosis ?

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    Default Macron Mania or hypnosis ?

    Ok my title is in part a trick to encoarage chatter about the French left , Macron is clearly dodgy if not all bad . He can sound kinda left by some standards . Like he knows tax evasion and social dumping are big problems but that doesnt stop him enthusiastically moving the goalposts at home to curtail workers rights. The article is better than I anticipated in fact

    However her neo-liberalsim slips out here when she says (Again Melechon is not far left by the way , he is a former Socialist party government minister best described as 'populist left' ) :

    'Protest against Macron’s reform of the labour code fizzled and died. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the far-left leader of France Unbowed, admitted on October 28th that Macron is winning. There should have been an avalanche against the reform, Mélenchon said. “But it didn’t happen.” Mélenchon questioned why “the mechanisms of social resistance that France always developed in the past against liberal assaults” no longer function.'

    -Why this has happened is a big question. It took many years but the 'social resistance' was whittled down over years of high unemployment which union militancy could not address . Melenchon in part is a problem because he is too top down. But he is not to blame alone . The real far left retreated into their own alternate reality (and 1% odd of the vote) and did not help with their sectarianism leaving France Insoumise (with the estranged ailing PCF allies and semi attached independent left of left Ensemble) to raise the social dumping issue with which they helped check the populist extreme right . A lot of work needs to be done clearly

    For gossip in French the Ensemble relate online mag Regards has been interesting for me. There's even an interview with a real far leftie Besancenot of the NPA
    Others have recommended the hard to categorise mediapart which I find confusing
    Liberation is Guardianised liberal left former left of left , Humanitie old communist, LeMonde and the related French HuffPost liberal and LeMonde Diplomatique hard left oddly
    Recently mentioned via Regards is the France Insoumise related Le Media , an apparent attempt at doing a 'crowd funded' thing (which sounds similar to the idea discussed at the R2C conference last Saturday ?) .
    A lot of such ideas doing the rounds, which is good
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    Default Re: Macron Mania or hypnosis ?

    F you Donny......

    Macron calls for "European Army"
    "French President Emmanuel Macron called for the creation of a 'true European army,' issuing a sharp critique of trans-Atlantic security ties days before U.S. President Trump is due to visit France," The Wall Street Journal reports (subscription):

    • Macron grouped "the U.S. among foreign powers he considers a potential threat to the continent. 'We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,' Mr. Macron said on French radio."
    • Why it matters: "Europe’s security ties with the U.S., which have been a bedrock of the continent’s stability for decades, have come under strain as Mr. Trump has demanded more military spending from European members of [NATO] and questioned the alliance’s benefits for the U.S."

    "Macron made the remarks as part of a weeklong tour of World War I battlefields ahead of the centenary of the Nov. 11 Armistice, when the French leader is due to host Mr. Trump, Vladimir Putin of Russia and many other heads of state."
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