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Thread: In between 2 right wing nationalisms? Catalonia's En Comu Podem and Spain's Unidos Podemos

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    Default In between 2 right wing nationalisms? Catalonia's En Comu Podem and Spain's Unidos Podemos

    Now i may be getting it wrong but for years I think there has been much ambiguity on the Spanish broad left (Unidos Podemos, coalition of Podemos, United left, Greens and regionalists) and the Catalan version 'En Comu Podem' (and various other acronyms as outlined in the wikis and elsewhere)
    An 'umbrella' coalition of Podem (Catalan Podemos), the old communist descended lefts (ICV and EUA sub coalitions) , Equo (Spanish greens) and Independents like Colau

    En Comu do much better in Spanish parliamentary (app 25%) and local Barcelona elections than in the Catalan regional elections (nearer 10%)
    En Comu Podem are distinct from a specific Catalan nationalist Left CUP which boycotts Spanish parliamentary elections and seems strongest outside Barcelona as is the more right wing Catalan nationalism as repressed by the long corrupt PDcat and the Blairite like ERC which combined in JxSi is electorally much bigger (towards 40% in regional, less in Spanish parliamentary elections)

    En Comu are caught between the hardline unionist C's which were born in Barcelona (that of PP and the lesser of PSOE) and Catalan nationalism in general
    Looking at Ada Colau the most well known En Comu Podem politican and mayor of Barcelona. Though a former communist now independent it is said but seen as leader of the umbrella En Comu Podem
    Her priority the ousting of Rajoy, she said Sunday
    'This is not a split between Spain and Catalonia, it is a split between the government of Rajoy and Catalonia'

    Obviously Colau is restrained by local reality but Madrid Podemos intellectual Monedero is less shy in attacking the right wing Catalan nationalism represented by (CJH scale?) corrupt Pujol as well as attacking Rajoy in equal measure

    All in all headwrecking to challenging figuring it out depending on your point of view. Anyhow as an aspiring internationalist I'll take my lead from Colau and friends and not the CUP and certainly not the mainstream Catalan nationalism . The PP's heavy handedness aided by an 'old guard' within PSOE (see Susanna Diaz, Andalusian 'baron') may well swing it to independence by forcing En Comu off a fence they are sitting on edgily, however the Spanish left is long used to it so it may not ?
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    Default Re: In between 2 right wing nationalisms? Catalonia's En Comu Podem and Spain's Unidos Podemos

    And on the rise of the ERC (blairite sounding Catalan Republican Left) from 2014 . Now allied with the conservative former CiU (PD-cat?) which ruled the region for decades, Leader Junqueras expressing admiration for Cameron by sounds


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