The war on 'commons' of any kind is ferocious as the big money is in the hands of private profit - so it is great to see that German breeders are now producing 'open source' food seeds.

But while the idea is attractive, it is not funded enough to replace patented for profit seed development and could potentially disrupt some of the benefits of commercial competition,

Any thoughts about pros and cons of patent vs open source in general ?
But Louwaars cautions that a complete shift to an open-source system would harm innovation. Commercial breeders, the main producers of economically important new crop varieties, can't use open-source seeds because they would not be able to claim royalties for any varieties they develop from them. If too many seeds were in the open source–only commons, they would be "killing the business model,” Louwaars says. Many universities would also lose out if they could no longer charge royalties for plant traits or breeding tools.