I live, as some of you know, in France for a part of the year. A Frenchman who lives near me and has a house in Ireland received a letter, to his french residence, from the Revenue. His English is minimal so he asked me to have a look at it.

I could not believe it. It is in English only, no reference to other language versions.

It says, in part, that, because you are an LPT payer, they have decided you need a PPS number "to enable property owners to engage with other Revenue services"

The letter they sent seems to be only for those who have a PPS number already and they must fill in the form on the back, which asks for your foreign tax number, email address and, of course, your pps number.

If you don't have a PPS then you must contact the Client Identity Service of the Dept of Social Protection, BY PHONE or online, no address given. When (and if?) you get a PPS then you must fill in the form on the letter and sent it to the LPT branch of the Revenue!!

I phoned the telephone number on the form and got an earful of complaint that they are "inundated" with calls about the LPT and PPS, and that is is the revenue not us..... but we have to do it.... The Form needed is not online but she would email it.....

The form is three pages (in English, (but you can have an Irish version, if you ask).

Is this all part of an EU requirement to catch foreigners and tell their tax authorities?? Since it is only in English, a lot of people won't be able to reply, but the Rev have the LPT money already from those they wrote to, so they don't care.

The real question is, how much does this all cost, and who will pay, us presumably.

As I said, you could not make it up.