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Thread: Netherlands/Dutch election 2017

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    Default Netherlands/Dutch election 2017

    Middle of night political junkie insomnia possibly but I thought I'd make a record of my Facebook attempted analysis :

    Background: Netherlands is seen as a neo-liberal model after the King announced the 'end of the welfare state' in 2013
    Property owners are obliged to sell up and live off proceeds before being allowed access to the remaining welfare I read somewhere. A going on 'survivalist' model has replaced the old generous welfare for long term unemployed in Germany (80 euro a week basic after 2 years I read) and even Sweden (413 a month is the basic payment I researched). The myth of generous welfare states being foolishly sold by some still is based on remaining generous short term payments and redesigned middle class paternity leave and so on. Believe it if you want, but I am quite worried being old and long term unemployed about what is coming

    'Live results' broadly confirm exit poll . Populist to extreme right PVV gains were hyped by lazy journos and werent impressive. The centre to middle left Green Left are actual biggest gainers to around 9%/14 seats (up 7%).
    The middle left Socialist party dropped marginally to 9%/14 seats .
    A centre left immigrant party DENK won 2%/3 seats and far leftish animal rights 3%/5.
    The total leftish vote around 23%/31 seats if you want to include the latter.

    A pensioners party from labour pool around 3%. The left neo-lib D66 at 12%/19 seats , while the collapsed labour party PVDA about 6%/9 seats , So the 19% dropped by PVDA went mostly leftside but many went right and populist/extreme right it is likely

    Said live results Live results via above

    Summary and links on parties here,_2017

    Green Left background is here (their manifesto promise jobs to the long term unemployed as they dont like welfare dependency for instance)
    Socialist Party here - These guys have stagnated , the above have the momentum now
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    Default Re: Netherlands/Dutch election 2017

    Thanks for that very useful analysis.
    “ We cannot withdraw our cards from the game. Were we as silent and mute as stones, our very passivity would be an act. ”
    — Jean-Paul Sartre

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    Default Re: Netherlands/Dutch election 2017

    The SP now has significantly more seats than the PvdA. This may be very significant in the next few years. Meanwhile, the mainstream media are overjoyed at Rutte's (relative) victory.

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    Default Re: Netherlands/Dutch election 2017

    The SP stagnated . I can only speculate why but it seems though former Maoists/Maoist originated are very good at organising once they become left populists (they have also broken through in Belgium in the form of the Workers party -PT/PVDA ), they have a ceiling they cant get past. A broader left thing is obviously needed with the Green Left taking a youth vote . Anyhow better put analysis here (one a dutch SP member)

    On the Belgian crowd
    Note they are only 'far left' originated and seem same as the Dutch SP and aligning with the Euro Left GUE/NGL also . My term for such is 'middle left'. The French speaking section PTB probably can claim credit for wiping out the local National Front electorally which I find very significant given the situation In France itself but they ll likely run into the same wall as their Dutch comrades ?
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