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Thread: National Planning Framework 2020 -2040

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    Default National Planning Framework 2020 -2040

    Only a couple more weeks in which you can make your submission to the National Planning Framework - and notice of intention has to be sent in by the 16th.

    Given that in theory this document will shape the future of the country, physically, for 20 years, it is getting very little discussion.

    Is this because of the experience of the previous National Spatial Strategy ? It had very little impact, as Dublin mushroomed and the rest of the country sprawled - not much sign of "hubs" burgeoning across the nation.

    Here is the website - I'll be taking a look myself tonight.

    NEWS: The consultation process at the pre-draft stage has been extended until 12 noon on Friday 31st March to afford time to those who have to date been unable to make a submission at this important stage in the process.

    In this regard you are requested to email [email protected] on or before the 16th March indicating that you intend to make a submission after the 16th March and before the new closing date for receipt of submissions of Friday 31st March.
    Written submissions at this first stage of the plan process can be made online through the dedicated website, by email (to [email protected]) or in writing to NPF Submissions, Forward Planning Section, Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, Custom House, Dublin 1, D01 W6X0) by 12 noon on Friday 31st March 2017.

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