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Will open a new thread later on "Team Trump" unless someone else gets there first.

Priebus via wikipedia
I'd suggest opening a new thread pretty quickly and calling it something like The Trump Whitehouse.

It'd be better to have the early team formation choices of his Whitehouse in a thread that will run and run rather than leaving all that info behind in the election thread.

As for Trump's Conservative choices, well isn't that the path the American voters decided they wanted to go when they gave all the cards to the Republican Party?

It just goes to show how the selfishness and cash rich domination of the democratic presidential nomination primaries by team Clinton has knocked out the probability of a Democratic Party President and has also destroyed the only brake on Conservative politics that the electorate were willing to deliver. It's also quite possible that Trump will knock a second term out of the Presidency.

Clinton before Country, the cash rich clique before party.