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Thread: Sinn Féin's 'Ten Year Plan'

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    Default Re: Sinn Féin: The largest All-Ireland Bourgeois Party

    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse go Deo View Post
    Not really... I have no faith in SF to deliver any substantive transformative change for working people. Even if a referendum were called (doubtful) and it was successful (again, doubtful) I can't see a major difference in the lives of ordinary workers and citizens.

    It's worth noting that one of their main ideas is the lowering of corporation tax.
    In fairness regarding Corpo-tax, and dropping it in the North to the same level as in the South. That is a matter of facing up to the real-politik of how to deliver employment in the current externally controlled economic world we find ourselves in ( I think they were seeking to raise capital gains tax at the time so they didn't want to just give money to the rich ).

    All the most wishful thinking and blather about socialism is tokenism that cannot disguise the simple fact that no one can deliver a real Socialist alternative to the electorate that the electorate would embrace.

    No one believes that the likes of Boyd-Barret and Ruth "nationalise Dell" Coppinger have a clue about creating employment that would sustain a lifestyle
    comparable to the ones they enjoy at the moment.

    I have no faith in SF to deliver transformative change either, but then I have no faith in anyone to deliver transformative change unless that transformative change coincides with the desires of the EU and US Capitalist systems.

    The game is just too rigged to be beaten.

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    Default Re: Sinn Féin's 'Ten Year Plan'

    Nothing to be said for rolling back the EU Treaties we don't like?

    The mechanism is there, and they cannot legally kick us out.

    SF you would think would want the 2012 Fiskal Pakt, the most ridiculous example of overreach, to be repealed. It was only passed on around a 30% turnout anyways.

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