For the past number of months activists have been campaigning against the outsourcing of services at universities across South Africa in an anti-privatisation campaign led by the '#outsourcingmustfall' campaign.

Tensions have been rising across university campuses. The flash point for the stuggle has been at Walter Sisulu University as private security run by Xhobani Security have engaged in assaults against students protesting against rising fees and cuts to services during a student strike that has been underway for the past week. University authorities have been excluding students who are in receipt of student assistance funds amounting to the exclusion of several thousand of the 21,000 students who attend the university. Campus security workers have been on strike for several weeks against plans to privatise campus security to a private company and other workers are campaigning to be directly employed by the University rather than by private companies on low wages.

Private security guards belonging to Xhobani Security who have been hired to break the strike by campus security workers have been parading around the campus armed with live ammunition and have been engaged in an ongoing campaign of assault and intimidation against student activists.

On Wednesday morning a prominent student activist, Vusi Mahlangu, was kidnapped on his way to a meeting of '#outsourcingmustfall' activists. At approx. 2.30pm his taxi was cut off by a car of armed and masked men and he was dragged from the taxi and thrown into the back of a car. The car of armed thugs followed Vusi in his taxi for over 30 minutes before being caught. He managed to send a WhatsApp at 4.30pm saying that he had been beaten and was bleeding. He indicated that his phone's battery was almost dead and has not been heard from since. Friends reported the kidnapping to local police who refused to take any action to attempt to find Vusi saying they wouldn't act until he was missing for 48 hours. Public pressure has now forced the police to make a public statement that they were investigating the disappearance of Vusi.

Widespread protests have taken place on Walter Sisulu University campus today. Xhobani Security responded by opening fire on those protesting wounding one of the striking workers and two students. Xhobani Security have used live ammunition and rubber bullets in confronting protesters and police have arrested one of the security thugs and charged him with attempted murder for shooting one of the protesters.