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Thread: Independents - Outcomes from GE 2016

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    Default Independents - Outcomes from GE 2016

    The number of Independents returned (14 so far) is not much increased from the previous Government. This in no way aligns with the percentage of voters who expressed support for independents in opinion polls.

    All Independent candidates are listed here ---


    Shane Ross topped the Poll in his constituency, in Fingal Clare Daly just made it back. Fitzmaurice was returned.

    Michael Healy Rae was elected, as was Michael Lowry. Maureen Sullivan and Joan Collins were re-elected.

    Michael Harty was elected (campaigning rural doctor) and Michael Collins in Cork.

    There is a recount, but it looks as if Mick Wallace is re-elected.

    When the dust settles, Independents could determine who forms the next Government.

    However, the Independent candidates are divided politically along lines parallel to the parties, and politically seem to me to add nothing other than more parochialism and a smattering of openly racist candidates.

    The exception being the small number of left independents who have left existing parties, and who may at some stage work again in a party structure.

    Any thoughts on the role of Independents in the election, and in the next Government ?
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    Default Re: Independents - Outcomes from GE 2016

    Tipperary is a good example of a constituency where the label 'Independent' covers the range from Left wing
    Seamus Healy, formerly ULA, WUAG and
    Lowry, formerly FG, (elected on first count)
    and Mattie McGrath formerly FF.

    Along with Alan Kelly, they rank in the top four after the third count. This is a five-seater constituency. I have absolutely no idea what role they will add collectively other than , as you say, parochialism.

    The electorate in Tipp has come in for some pretty colourful abuse on Twitter for this outcome.


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