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The sun was shining but it wasn't a hot day, 15° or so in the late afternoon but nice enough for someone to have pitched a tent.

Yes, it's true in my memory bank but as there weren't a lot of bald black men in white suits camping in small towns in the west of Ireland in the 80s then I can't quite be sure if I wasn't in the twilight zone at the time.

At the height of the hunger strikes when tensions in the South reached a crescendo that had the Southern authorities really worried about keeping public order. I saw a large troop carrying military helicopter flying low on a foggy morning as if it was getting its bearings from the landscape. As there were no large troop carrying type helicopters in the Irish Army at the time I assumed then that the Irish and British military were cooperating in preparation for keeping a lid on the South. It was a revelation in that if they were working that closely together then, the relationship must have been much deeper than that incident. Incidentally the chopper was not far away from the little triangular field.
Curious. Almost ''James Bond.''